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Welcome to Everyday People Books!

We are passionate about books and absolutely love reading; both independently and with our children. It’s our favourite part of bedtime and we want it to be every child’s, too! Our mission is to help new authors get their stories heard and to show children that absolutely anyone can write and illustrate a book; empowering them to use their imaginations and explore their creative skills. We believe in helping every author have a chance of sharing their books. All the books that we sell are written by Everyday People like You and Me!

You may have seen the first edition of our free publication that advertises engaging books, aimed at both Nursery and Primary school aged children, throughout the UK. If not, please click here! It will be distributed to school’s that are signed up quarterly. Our next editions will be out in June, September and a special Christmas edition in December. We will screen every potential book submitted to us, to ensure that it is age appropriate, educational and enjoyable for children to read. Each edition of our magazine also includes puzzles and fun-based learning activities about the books featured, to encourage development in vocabulary and memory skills. If your child’s school is not signed up, why not come on board now? It’s completely free and as a thank you from us and our authors, your school will receive FREE books too!

You can order directly from us and the books will be delivered to your home address or if your school is signed up – they can be delivered directly there. Delivery is only £1.99 and FREE on orders over £25!

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Latest Testimonials

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"I had very high hopes and big dreams when I set out to write my own novel, but things quickly began to go wrong! I had decided to self-publish but the hard drive crashed on my computer and it was almost a year before I could begin to think of writing and selling books again. I had just about given up hope. This is when I read about a new project launching called Everyday People Books. I was skeptical at first , as even though it seemed like a great idea, it was in the early stages; how wrong could I have been? Everyday People Books now has its own Magazine, its own website, an inspirational leader and is a project I am honored to be a part of. ... Martin P Buckley