Rainbow Monsters Drawing Competition

All you need to do:

Design a monster
• Give your monster a name
• Send your entry, together with your name, age, school and address, to:

The winning design will be recreated in digital format and will feature in a future Rainbow Monsters book.

The winner will also receive a free signed book featuring their monster design.

Create Drawings for the Winning Book!

We need the following pictures for the book:

• Henry a little grey rabbit with tiny white paws & tall pointy ears.
• Magicia a magical place where there are flying unicorns & purple skies.
• Evil King Archie The Great who has razor sharp claws and a furry mane.
• Polly the unicorn.
• Russy the black and white cat.
• Scary snakes that scared King Archie.
• Queen Polly.
• Magacia once the Green grass spread, the flowers started to bloom & the ripest fruit grew on tall trees.

Please send pictures to, or post to: Competition, Everyday People Books, 112 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1LR

The closing date for the competition is 30th July

Our Winning Book! Henry The Hero

There once was a rabbit named Henry. Henry was a grey little rabbit with tiny, white paws and tall, pointy ears. He lived in a small burrow which was in the magical land of Magacia where there were there was flying unicorns and purple skies. Although Magacia may sound nice it actually has a terrible secret. Magacia was ruled by an evil king whose name was King Archie The Great. He had razor sharp claws, avery furry mane and a daughter named Polly. Polly was a unicorn who was 12 years old. Her best friend was a little cat named Russy. Russy was a black cat with a few white patches. She was a little bit younger than Polly because Russy was only 8 years old.

Henry has lived under the rule of King Archie since he was a little kit [ baby rabbit] but Henry didn’t like it much and there was nothing that he could do about it or was there … Henry had a great idea that couldn’t possibly go wrong in any way. His idea was to scare King Archie out of Magacia. Archie had only one fear that he was very scared of. His worst fear was snakes! Henry had 5 green toy snakes and 5 black toy snakes. The next morning, he got one of his green snakes and tossed it into Archie’s cave right in front of him. Archie leaped with terror as the toy snake was right in front of his paw. Every morning Henry went to Archie’s cave and threw one snake inside. When he ran out of toy snakes, he just waited a few days to see whether Archie would leave. Luckily he did. King Archie left and Polly was made queen of Magacia. A few years later, everything was happy and bright with sunshine every day. Everyone had a home and green grass spread like a river. Flowers started to bloom, the ripest fruit grew on the healthy tall trees and every animal in the land lived happily for many more years.