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I chewed up Mum's favourite shoes. And her second favourite shoes. And her wellies. And all of the children's wellies. And Mum's favourite hat. A feel-good story about the adventures of a Deerhound puppy called Rhodry in his first year from being a tiny puppy and then living with his new family... . . .Read More:
Breezie Boo is a Beagle and she loves to go on adventures. Whilst her Mummy is busy baking in the kitchen, Breezie Boo dreams of her favourite places to visit. .. . . .Read More:
A book designed to help young children develop pencil control. Brightly coloured pictures with white areas for baby to colour in... . . .Read More:
Billy loves having fun, but sometimes he gets a bit enthusiastic. With the help of his friends he learns to play fairly... . . .Read More:
One frog…Two frogs…Three frogs…Four! Come along and find out what is in store. Learning to count can be exciting and fun in Arin Wesley’s debut picture book “Counting Frogs”... . . .Read More:
A fun counting book. Each page is fully illustrated with a bright colourful scene. Encourage your child to count the objects on the page. .. . . .Read More:
Simply add water to bring your favourite Fireman Sam pictures to life. Was £3.99 each now £1.99 for a limited time... . . .Read More:
A great gift for Easter Gillie is a young rabbit who loves to do things! Today, Gillie is baking herfavourite thing, cookies! Gillie loves to share, and she likes to share her cookies with her family and friends. Gillie bakes cookies with Daddy, and she makes sure that Mummy, Grandma and Granda . . .Read More:
Anyone with pale skin can relate to the fun of sunscreen. Let's follow Ginger through her adventure! .. . . .Read More:
All of the Rainbow Monsters are Mindful Monsters too, Respecting one another, like all good monsters do. The Rainbow Monsters are back, teaching you how to be mindful. If you want to grow up as fit, healthy, happy and strong as a monster, join them in their colourful antics... . . .Read More:
Olivia Owl wants to be just like her Mummy, so she comes up with a plan. Soon she discovers that she would rather be herself, and that's just how her Mummy loves her... . . .Read More:
Peter has a big idea to dig a hole, so big that his family and pets can sleep in it. He is going to need the right tools. .. . . .Read More:
Call the Police Station! Someone in Sunnyside town needs Police Officer Penny’s help! Can she find a missing little boy, Jack at the zoo? What if she wakes the lions? What if Jack has fallen in the crocodile’s pen? Where do you think he could be? Will Police Officer Peny save the day? Follow her . . .Read More:
Croak! Bleep! Ring! Ring! Zobott wasn't normally so noisy. Join Praxx as he discovers why his best friend is making such a racket. Zobott is...The Ringing Robot! A fun sci-fi picture book - for ages 3-6 - about how NOT to tidy the house!  Award winning in the 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards i . . .Read More:
On a mixed up rainy, sunny day, the Rainbow Monsters love to play. Jump on a cloud and join the Rainbow Monsters in their fun and games. Come and meet each of the monsters and learn the colours of the rainbow... . . .Read More: