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I chewed up Mum's favourite shoes. And her second favourite shoes. And her wellies. And all of the children's wellies. And Mum's favourite hat. A feel-good story about the adventures of a Deerhound puppy called Rhodry in his first year from being a tiny puppy and then living with his new family... . . .Read More:
When the teacher decided to take the class out on a walk the children did not want to go..... What could possibly go wrong?Free Spooky Tale poster... . . .Read More:

A Spooky Tale

Breezie Boo is a Beagle and she loves to go on adventures. Whilst her Mummy is busy baking in the kitchen, Breezie Boo dreams of her favourite places to visit. .. . . .Read More:
A book designed to help young children develop pencil control. Brightly coloured pictures with white areas for baby to colour in. Was £3.99 each now £1.99 for a limited time... . . .Read More:
Baby bird wasn’t happy. He longed to be like other animals. He wanted to swim and run and jump. But he had to learn to be happy as he was…He had to learn just to be himself!.. . . .Read More:
The Magic Knight has been stolen! A magical suit of armour has gone missing in suspicious circumstances and there’s only one person who can help to solve the mystery. You! With nearly 20 different endings, exploding fart potions, freezing spells and plenty of other silly twists and turns, The . . .Read More:
A playful and entertaining story about bottom burps. The illustrations add richly to the entertainment of this book. .. . . .Read More:

Bottom Burps

Breezie Boo is getting ready for  a very special day. She is meeting with hundreds of other Beagles and they are going to attempt to break a workd record. Join Breezie Boo on her adventureat this truly unforgettable event. .. . . .Read More:
​Breezie Boo is a Beagle and she oves to go on adventures whilst her mummy is baking in the kitchen. Breezie Boo dreams of her favorite places to visit. Today she is dreaming about going to the beach. Formby is one of her favorite places to go. I wonder what she will see on her walk? See a video o . . .Read More:
Kate Robinson 3+ years. £4.99. Breezie Boo the Beagle is getting ready for a special Halloween treat. Henry the puppy is on his way over and Breezie Booneedsto get dressed up ready to go Trick or Treating. What scary thinga do you think she may find on her sppoky walk?.. . . .Read More:
Billy loves having fun, but sometimes he gets a bit enthusiastic. With the help of his friends he learns to play fairly. Was £3.99 each now £1.99 for a limited time... . . .Read More:
Set in the 1920’s. Ten year old Cassie has a secret. She has found a magical Egyptian effigy called an ushabti which can grant her wishes. Of course having a magical servant is not quite as exciting as it seems and there follows a number of misunderstandings and misadventures, including being kidn . . .Read More:
Cassie Byfleet is home from school for the summer holidays and looking forward to having more exciting adventures with her ushabti. Miss Swallow, the curator of the local museum, takes the opportunity to steal Kesbet and tries to use him to make her rich... . . .Read More:
One frog…Two frogs…Three frogs…Four! Come along and find out what is in store. Learning to count can be exciting and fun in Arin Wesley’s debut picture book “Counting Frogs”... . . .Read More:
A fun counting book. Each page is fully illustrated with a bright colourful scene. Encourage your child to count the objects on the page. .. . . .Read More: