Come and Join Us on Our Exciting New Literacy Adventure!

Everyday People Books will work alongside schools to help children fall in love with reading, creative writing and storytelling; whilst in turn improving their literacy levels and boosting results…and as a thank you from us and our authors your school will receive complimentary books too!

As you may now have learned from our website or seen in the first edition of our magazine, Everyday People Books, is a free publication that will advertise engaging books from up-and-coming authors aimed at both Nursery and Primary school aged children. 

We are passionate about books and absolutely love reading; both independently and with our children. It’s our favourite part of bedtime and we want it to be every child’s, too! Research has shown that children who read for pleasure are not only more likely to become lifelong readers but are more likely to succeed both academically and socially. Our mission is to help new authors get their stories heard and to show children that absolutely anyone can write and illustrate a book; empowering them to use their imaginations and explore their creative skills.

Primarily, the magazine will advertise books for sale and will be produced and distributed quarterly (Our next editions are out in September, December and March). We will screen every potential book submitted to us, to ensure that it is age appropriate, educational and enjoyable for children to read. Each edition of our magazine will also include puzzles and fun-based learning activities about the books featured, to encourage development in their vocabulary and memory skills. 

Looking to the future, we will also offer schools the chance to host exciting events including: meet and greets with the authors, storytelling workshops, book signings and live book readings. To see the second edition of our magazine, which we are very excited about, please click here. As a thank you, we will also send a selection of free books and associated lesson plans with each magazine!

Enjoyable, well-written books that are educational too!

Having a background in the education system we understand the importance of children learning to develop in all aspects of the curriculum including literacy, of building a culture of reading for enjoyment in school and of boosting pupil attainment at the same time. We believe that making literacy enjoyable encourages children to develop a lifelong love of reading and, in turn, ensures that they have the confidence and skills to pass this on to their children too. 

Our aim is to excite and encourage young readers to see both the benefits and enjoyment that can be had from literacy. We will help this process by creating exclusive and exciting activities in every issue to encourage children to take part.

We believe that because our books are written by “Everyday People” that it encourages children and adults alike, to develop their own creative writing skills. Children are shown that they too can write stories, produce a book and create fabulous artwork. 

How it will work in schools…

We hope that you will come on board with our venture to make reading books written by everyday people, like you and me, accessible to all. We ask that you send home a copy of the magazine with each child in your class or/and school. We will only send out 4 magazines a year and have only chosen books that we feel are affordable. Parents will then order directly from us by using the order form at the back of the magazine or here, on our website, so you will not be required to handle any money. 

The magazines will be grouped into packs of 30 ready to hand out to each class. We would need to know how many packs you require. If you are happy for the ordered books to come to school, they will be delivered clearly labelled with the child's name and class. This helps us to save on costs and ensures that we will be able to pass over as many free books as possible to you. If you’d prefer we are also more than happy for parents to order directly from us and the books will be delivered directly to their home address. We only charge £1.99 per order (to school or to home) and this is free of charge on orders over £25. 

We understand that, as a school, you will be concerned about what children will be exposed to. We will ensure our magazine complies with the following principles:

a) It promotes an educational purpose for children

b) It is consistent with the mission statement of the school

c) It does not violate any principles of law or policy applicable to the operation of the school
d) It will never promote a publication or advertise an activity associated with a political organisation or group

We really hope to see your school join us on our literacy adventure but if you have any questions, feedback or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us at everydaypeoplebooks@mail.com