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When the teacher decided to take the class out on a walk the children did not want to go..... What could possibly go wrong?.. . . .Read More:

A Spooky Tale

From the day she was born, Akea's father knew she was different, that she was destined for something great. The lone wolf, Kazakh, had sensed it too. He knew he had to help this young husky, no matter what the cost.This comes with a FREE bookmark!.. . . .Read More:
A playful and entertaining story about bottom burps. The illustrations add richly to the entertainment of this book. .. . . .Read More:

Bottom Burps

Set in the 1920’s. Ten year old Cassie has a secret. She has found a magical Egyptian effigy called an ushabti which can grant her wishes. Of course having a magical servant is not quite as exciting as it seems and there follows a number of misunderstandings and misadventures, including being kidn . . .Read More:
Life inside the hutch isn’t very interesting for Cocoa. He watches in envy as Isabella runs with Cody the family dog. Isabella adores Cocoa, but is unaware he has a secret wish. Is he prepared to break her heart to satisfy his own longing? Written through the eyes of Cocoa the rabbit. .. . . .Read More:
 Flutterby is missing! Explore the knitted kingdom to find her. A lovely rhyming story that teaches independence... . . .Read More:
Gianna just wants to know about her ancestors, but she has to join an after school history club (yuck!) to do it. Now, she's about to embark on a journey that will change everything she thinks she knows about her family. .. . . .Read More:
Tansy the sheep can’t go to sleep. She’s forgotten how to do it. When she follows the barn owl’s advice and starts counting sheep she realises something is wrong. Book comes with a FREE A4 poster!.. . . .Read More:
A lovely rhyming story about a Grandma that knits an entire kingdom for her grandchild... . . .Read More:
Grandma's Knitted Kingdom - A lovely rhyming story about a Grandma that knits an entire kingdom for her grandchild. Flutterby the Knitted Butterfly - Flutterby is missing! Explore the knitted kingdom to find her. A lovely rhyming story that teaches independence.£9.00 for both Rachel . . .Read More:
When Hattie a mouse from London England, meets Jacques a mouse from Paris France, a wonderful friendship begins. They join the French au-pair Sophie, and the twins Bobby and Bella on a trip around London. They visit many landmarks and have some adventures on the way... . . .Read More:
Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus is not an ordinary bus. He is a playbus. Find out what happens when he is invited to an island where the children have never seen a double-decker bus and certainly not one full of toys!.. . . .Read More:
Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus is a brightly coloured playbus full of toys. He’s always ready for an adventure, and after an eventful summer the bus is ready for his journey to the carnival. The children are also excited – but what will happen on the way?.. . . .Read More:
Jay-Jay the bus is rescued from the scrap yard. Feeling nervous yet excited he is taken to an airport and transformed into a “Playbus” full of toys, games and adventure. .. . . .Read More:
Mystery and Adventure Novel for children 7-9 years. Illustrated with over eighty stunning full page colour illustrations. Ideal for a child’s first novel or a chapter a night bedtime story. Fun and laughter mix with mystery and suspense as the plot of this Knick-Knack Tree Adventure unfolds. Wiley . . .Read More: