Sell Our Books


Why Not Join Our Team and Make Money Selling Our Books?

Do You Love Reading? Meeting New People? Need Flexible Working Hours?

Working for yourself, in your own time, selling our books at parties, work, nurseries and school fairs is a great way for you to make money doing what you enjoy and we will be on hand to support you every step of the way!

The Benefits:

You decide what you do and when. Perhaps you want to run a number of parties, earn a little bit of spending money or perhaps you want to take this a lot further and make some real money by putting lots of effort into your new business.

You can work around your family and commitments.

You do not need any sales background. We will send out a welcome pack and provide plenty of support. The sale forms are extremely easy to use. 

You will earn commission of 20% on all sales. You will also receive free gifts from local attractions, that advertise within the magazine. 

If you have friends and family who would also like to sell our books, you will receive £20 commission for each friend that signs up.

Start up costs are low. At only £35 you will soon be making profit on your sales. 

You will receive one to one phone support and assistance within our Facebook groups.

Our fantastic themes and ideas, will make the parties fun for all ages. 

You will make a difference to children’s lives by helping them to fall in love with books and reading.

How it Works:

You will receive your welcome pack and books through the post. Within the pack is a number of books, magazines and forms ready for you to start your first party/ group.

You can choose a theme for your party- such as a teddy bears picnic. Invite parents and children with their teddy bears. Have a lovely afternoon watching the children play and have a picnic while you look at books. It is entirely up to you!

At your party/ group simply hand out a magazine to each person, show the books, take down orders and collect payments.  

Send your orders into us and we will send the books directly to you to hand out.

Have fun, make friends and make money!

Contact us via email stating that you would like to sell our books and we will send you your welcome pack.